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Anns an Loch (In the Loch) is inspired by our many beautiful Hebridean lakes. I have always been fascinated by the lochs around the islands. They are mysterious, atmospheric, rich in flora and fauna and steeped in ancient history.


The loch in my own village is one of several in Lewis with a causeway of stones leading to a small island in the centre and situated on that tiny island are the remains of an Iron Age dùn (a small stronghold or fortress). You can only imagine the fantastical games and stories my sister and I used to invent with this as our playground!


You wont find any kelpies or will o' the wisps in this piece but there are more prints (and maybe some products!) planned for this series.


This is a limited edition (of 50) lino print. It is an original, hand signed artwork. The image has been printed in black on Japanese Hosho paper - 77gsm (A3 approximate measurements 29 x 42 cm).


Prints will be shipped in early June (2024).


The print is sold unmounted and unframed. The print will be sent to you in protected packaging to ensure safe delivery.


Please remember that this artwork has been lovingly hand printed (by me!) and is not a digital reproduction. As this is an original artwork and hand-crafted product, each print may vary slightly.


Please note that the copyright of this work is retained by the artist.

Anns an Loch ~ original linocut print by Alice Macmillan

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