This is a limited edition (of 50) lino print. It is an original, hand signed artwork. The image has been printed in black on 52 gsm Sunome Senaka paper measuring approximately: 89 x 48.5 cm.

The print was inspired by the landscape surrounding the St Kilda archipelago in the North Atlantic ocean. After taking a trip to St Kilda, I was captivated by the way nature has reclaimed these remote and ancient islands. For nearly 100 years Hirta has been largely uninhabited. It is an ancient world of its own where the seabirds rule the landscape. The sea stacks emerging from the mist are intimidating, eerie and yet they are teaming with life. They tower above you while the gannets soar overhead. This unique landscape has been given back to nature and is now a protected site where the wildlife thrives.

The print is sold unmounted and unframed. The print will be sent to you in protected packaging to ensure safe delivery. Due to their size, these prints will be delivered in postal tubes. 

Please remember that this artwork has been lovingly hand printed (by me!) and is not a digital reproduction. As this is an original artwork and hand-crafted product, each print may vary slightly.

Please note that the copyright of this work is retained by the artist.

Stac Lee (in black) ~ original linocut print by Alice Macmillan



    Isle of Lewis

    Western Isles, Scotland 

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